My Motivation

I have a dream...

Contradanza in the garden Contradanza on her way north Contradanza bow


My own yacht, affordable, well suited to our lifestyle, versatile and seaworthy.  Sounds too good to be true right?  This is my interpretation of these requirements and how I am going to do it...  I like the story of the little thing that did big things, and I have read several stories of a little yacht that I have always liked the look of - the Alacrity 19, and its very similar looking bigger cousin, the Vivacity 20.  I could spend perhaps 2 to 5 grand on a good example of one of these small yachts, but I would still have a 40 year old boat with old fittings, old sails, old kit and potentially dubious structure.  My plan is to rebuild to my own design an old but sound hull, spreading my investment over time, and ending up with a more or less brand new boat, fully tailored to my design, that I know every corner of well, because I built it!  Thats the project in a nutshell, and I hope you enjoy following along with the progress!


I have been a keen follower of Jenku and his Alacrity 19:

I am a member and keen poster at the Small Boat Club:

I am inspired by the story of Super Shrimp and Shane Acton: Story of Super Shrimp

I regularly check out happenings at:

I am inspired by the voyage of Hotfly, an Alacrity 19: The Voyage of Hotfly

I am a long time follower and fan of Tim Lackey at: Northern Yacht Restoration

Another Vivacity 20 crossing oceans!: