Aquisition and Transport

While I was living and working in Dunfermline, Scotland, an opportunity that was not to be sniffed at presented itself.  I was living and working nearby Brucehaven Sailing Club.  I didn't have any storage facilities at my house at the time, but when an interesting ebay item cropped up, I was in a position to jump on it.  520 miles away in Hastings, South Coast of England, a Vivacity 20 was for sale, and it was in pretty poor condition looking at the advertisment, and the price was low to reflect this - a perfect project candidate!  I asked for lots of pictures of the trailer so that I could assess wether or not it seemed road worthy, and what I saw was mainly surface rust.  Armed with this I decided to road trip down and get a look!  I stuffed the jeep full of junk - tools, bearing grease, ratchet straps, trailer board, and anything else that might be useful to recover the boat.  The dog decided it was his duty to come along too!  It was 380 miles to Oxford, stayed the night with my partner who was working in Oxford at the time, then in the morning another 150 miles down to Hastings.  Once we got there I had a good look at the boat and determined that the trailer was going to be ok.  Meanwhile, Snowy managed to take a dump in the owners garden, tried to hump her tiny dog, and peed in her flowerbeds!  Here are some of the pics of the boat as she sat in Hastings. 


As she sat in Hastings As she sat in Hastings As she sat in Hastings


I got the boat rigged up and secured to the trailer.  As found, she had about a foot of water in her, so I didn't make any bones about taking a hole saw to the bottom of the hull!  She drained quickly and I got her fully prepped for travel.  We drove carefully to Halfords so I could check the lashings and buy an extension to the trailerboard wire that wasn't quite long enough.  Once satisfied that everything was as good as it could get, trailer brakes working etc. we were off for Oxford!


Prepped for transport!  Prepped for transport!  Oi! Dogs don't drive!


I had an overnight stop and dinner in Oxford, then continued on my merry way up to Limekilns in scotland.  She pulled fantastically, the whole rig behaving itself, really stable.  I was able to keep up a solid 60mph, although it did seem that the jeep wanted to pull it faster to stop it dropping out of overdrive.  Although there is an overdrive lock out button, I have an idea for giving the jeep a bit more power so it can pull all day at 60mph/2000rpm and not feel it needs to drop down - new design intake manifold for the venerable AMC 4 litre has been purchased!  I pulled her into Brucehaven at Limekilns at 2am, disconnected and went home for a well earned sleep.

Contradanza stayed in Limekilns for about 5 months, when a sudden change of circumstances led me and my partner to Aberdeen.  We had been looking for jobs in the same place for a long time and all of a sudden many things came into alignment and we jumped at the opportunity to move in together in a house in Aberdeen.  We made sure there was space on the drive for her and then, in October 2010 I enlisted the help of a good friend to help me move her from Limekilns to our driveway in Aberdeen.  We had a fair bit of fun reversing her up the 8 degree slope, but is now on the hard outside my house where I can finally have good access to her, with storage and working area behind in the form of a garage - let the project begin!!!


Arrival in Aberdeen! Arrival in Aberdeen! Arrival in Aberdeen!