The Design

The design progresses apace!  I now have a solid idea of how I want the new interior to come together.  I have developed the design for the interior based on the notion that I want the boat to be comfortable and practical for 2.  The boat used to have 4 berths, but can you imagine 4 people in a 20 footer for any length of time?!  Not really my idea of fun, so we have designed Contradanza to have a great big v berth for two, and an athwartships convertible bed incase its needed.  This has had a dramatic effect on the stowage available in the boat which I shall explain as I go along.


Interior 1 Exterior 1 Exterior 2


From one point of view, the layout has not diverted too much from the original.  There is still a v berth forward, but this new v berth will be far superior to the original Vivacity offering.  The original was much too short for a normal human being!  I believe it must have been only 1.7m as I overlapped the ends by a good 6 inches when I tried to lie on the original moulding.  The new berth starts at a forepeak bulkhead approx 400mm aft from the point of the bow.  There will be a watertight hatch for inspection purposes, and the loads from the main fore deck mooring bitt will be effectively transferred to the hull with this new bulkhead.  The effective anchor rode compartment that this creates will be drained overboard, not into the boat as the previous arrangements did!  The portapotty has its option 1 location under the v berth under a removable cushion and a folding hatch.  There will be vast volumes of clear storage under the V berth as there is no infill piece, and I am using transverse framing.  The V berth is a more manageable 1.95m long, and nearly 1.8m wide at its widest end!  Thats a proper v berth! 

I had an idea that I would like to try in the forepeak area - you can see in the renderings below an orange partition between the v berth and the rest of the interior.  This will be a heavy canvas/sunbrella type material press studded to the interior at the edges, with a zippable removable centre section.  The idea is to provide a bit of pivacy to the users of the v berth if 1 additional person is onboard.  Also, the idea is to put lining carpet on the hull in the forward section to insulate that section only, and with the partition in place and ventilation supplied to the v berth from above by the hatch, then the volume of condensation occuring in the main cabin while people sleep in the fore peak will hopefully be dramatically reduced.  It will also mean that the coatings in the main cabin can remain white smooth paint and so be extremely easy to maintain. 


Interior looking aft Interior looking fwd Interior looking out the companionway


 Aft of the V berth, we encounter my design that is pretty much exactly as the original Vivacity layout, however there are a few adjustments.  The sink will not be connected to the sea as the original design.  Instead it is simply a stainless steel bowl or plastic washing up bowl that can be lifted out so you can tip it overboard or wash up outside on a nice day.  On the other side there is the stove, which will be a small camping style stove using disposable gas cartridges.  This is a good sneaky way to avoid the cost and inconvinience of permanent gas installations according to the RCD (Recreational Craft Directive) or the British Waterways rules.  It can also be removed to the cockpit or the shore for the nice days.  The big difference is the length of the new counters - at 750mm they are much longer than the original Vivacity and so there will be actual space to prepare food and dry dishes etc. 

Really it is aft of the stove and sink counters that the big departures from the original Vivacity occur, and what I feel the Vivacity can really use - Serious stowage space.  In all honesty, no one is going to try long term cruising with 4 people in this size of boat, well not these days anyway, and if some are, I would say they are the exception rather than the rule.  What then, is the point of having those two aft quarter berths that you stick the sail bags and the fenders in?  They are not configured for storage as the space is halfed above and below the berth, and if you put anything wet in there, it gets on the berth cushions.  Why not take the berth out and have full height, long storage that can have a sump base effect?  This is what I have tried to achieve in this design.  I have massive internal stowage for sail bags, water tanks, inflatable toys, you name it.  I can even hang up wet foulies that can drip into the bilge area here without it getting all over the cabin.  There is a large step immediately under the companion way to provide a step down, storage under and with the cushions on the backs of the aft seats, provide infill for an athwartships berth.  This layout allows access to massive stowage under the cockpit too.  I may even be able to put an Ice box under this step. 


So thats the general idea.  There will be some too-ing and fro-ing but this layout I feel offers the best compromises - accept that youre only going to cruise with 1 or 2 people and reap the benefits of increased and more practical stowage space, more comfort, more head room and the rest!   


General Arrangement General Arrangement 2  


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