The Wishlist

As with all projects of this size, considerable investment in time, money, parts and labour is needed.  Perhaps you have something that you don't use any more that you would like to get rid of or get some money back for, or some paint left over from another project.  Maybe you bought too much rope when doing your halyards!  Either way, if you would like to help with a donation or would like us to make you a fair offer on things we need, we would love to hear from you.  I have organised our wish list into some categories below.


Contradanza will need 300kgs of ballast, ideally in metal punchings or shot form.  I can collect within say 100 miles of Aberdeen.  If you have lots of punchings from a fabrication process I would be interested to talk to you!


I have plans for a 4hp to 6hp 4 stroke.  I would love to buy new, but this will depend on the cost and timings.  If the right engine comes up that is perhaps no more than 5 years or so old, I would like to consider it.  The new four strokes from the likes of Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha are all suitable.  Long or short shaft is fine as I intend to use a paralellogram linkage on the transom.  Features that would be nice:

  • Charging coil.  Not strictly needed as power demands are low, but might be nice to have.
  • External tank connection.  Again not strictly necessary, but could be useful for extended motoring.
  • Maybe an external tank if you have one going spare!


Our Vivacity was found without her boom unfortunately.  I know I will have to get one eventually.  I will either fabricate one myself out of aluminium or carbon, or I will get one built from a rigging manufacturer.  However, if you have one getting in your way, I would be interested!  Length required is 2.8m and really, anything will do as I am keeping the rigging as simple as physically possible. 

Trailer Spare Wheel

Ok this is easy... If theres any Land Rover enthusiasts out there, I am looking for a standard 16" Land Rover Rim - 5 stud, you know the one!  I would then get a new tyre on it to roughly match the 2 good ones I have just now.  Alternatively, if you have 3 or 4 decent Land Rover wheels, they have good tyres still, suitable for the 1.2 tonnes all up weight of the final tow, I might be interested in offering you a price for the lot!

Trailer Hand Winch

Again, fairly easy.  A little hand winch suitable for a webbing strap or wire rope.  I will mount this at the front of the trailer on my yet to be fabricated bow snubber assembly to aid in launch and recovery.  I might even consider a tow bar mounted electrical unit so I don't have to get the car wet when launching!

Pushpit and Pulpit

The stainless fore and aft railings.  Contradanza came with a galvanised bow pulpit which is in a sorry state.  I am interested in fabricating these as time allows, or if there are any suitable bits lying around out there I will gladly look into it!