Suppliers and Sources

I make extensive use of online sources.  Here are a few I have found useful. - Seals, trims, fenders, anything rubbery - Getting all the trailer paint and grinding discs here - Used Grampian Steel up in Inverurie for the trailer - Have used these guys before for composite supplies - Looks like an interesting supplier for fabrics and fittings - These guys have a few things that CFS don't and maybe closer! - Lots of budget good stainless kit - For a stainless bowl for a sink! - Actually have steel punchings for sale!!! - lots of good rigging and materials - A real find - watersports kit that does not take the piss on price! - Seems to do good prices on all sorts of stainless bits and pieces - Hadlow Marine Services - good for acrylic washboards and windows - Awesome wind speed for 1/3rd the cost of typical sensors!!  UK distributors available!