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I am Chris Dowie, a Naval Architect and engineer.  I love my sailing and boats in general, and I like seeing design that is unusual or out of the ordinary.  I love Stitch and Glue panel designs, I am pretty good with my composites and I can do Aluminium and steel.  By the time I skip this planet I will have checked off a good list of done that...  I love my projects, a couple of which you can see below.  I have restored a 470 sailing dinghy in the past and raced it on Poole harbour, and I have built my own Canadian Canoe.  I have worked as a yacht skipper in Greece during my summers at uni.  I love simple, elegant solutions to practical problems and love applying everyday practical knowledge and common sense to my engineering solutions.  Maybe one day you will own one of my designs.  Maybe you already do!


If you wish you can contact me by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Another day at the office Fun with my old 470 My own design of plywood canoe